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Indoor vs. outdoor cannabis; cannabis for fibromyalgia: my latest columns for Project CBD

Behold, my latest Bridging the Gap columns for Project CBD.   The first , published on February 14, got a lot of attention. It covers recent research -- and one study in particular -- into how growing conditions affect cannabinoid and terpene production. Clearly this is a hot topic in the field, and for good reason: how cannabis is grown (whether outdoors or indoors, organically or conventionally, small- or large-scale, etc.) matters in different yet important ways to the environment, the grower/producer, the patient/recreational user, the economy, the electrical grid , and more. Again, here I focused on cannabinoids and terpenes, which is a big story in and of itself, but I've covered some of these other issues in the past. Bottom line, at the very least, if you buy/use cannabis, you should pay attention to where and how it's grown.  My second recent column, published February 28, covered recent research into the use of cannabis to treat fibromyalgia , a mysterious, debilitati

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