Sunday, January 31, 2010

From the Chronicle: Raw Sewage in the Bay

"Aging pipes force sewage into San Francisco Bay"
Joan Petrosh and her friends were tossing fishing lines into the bay last week, hoping for bites from the striped bass and stingrays they usually catch.
The setting? On the Richmond-area shoreline - in front of one of the main outflow points for partially treated sewage in the Bay Area.
"There's no way we would eat anything we catch," Petrosh said, watching one of the lines buck with what looked like a bite. "Just think of the bay - it's too contaminated. We just catch 'em for fun and throw 'em right back."
Little did she know how contaminated the water really was.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Bike Lanes Bound for Downtown Oakland

Walk Oakland Bike Oakland, an Oakland advocacy group dedicated to -- you guessed it -- walking and biking in Oakland, is getting things done. (Last year, I wrote about a similar organization called the East Bay Bicycle Coalition and its efforts at reporting potholes throughout both counties.)

East Bay Events Spotlight Sustainable Seafood

Earlier this month, I attended and wrote about an event at a Lafayette restaurant that paired a sustainable seafood dinner with a screening of a new documentary called The End of the Line, about one of the world's most serious problems.

Oakland Nonprofit Trains Recent Vets in Solar Panel Installation

My second Eco Watch column for the Express was about a local organization called Swords to Plowshares and its new program that trains Iraq- and Afghanistan-era vets for jobs in solar panel installation.

$500 Million for East Bay Parks: How Is It Being Spent?

Following up on my November 2008 cover story about a group of mountain bikers opposing Measure WW, here's a story about the measure's first year.