Monday, November 15, 2010

Proposition 26 Poses Serious Threat to Bay Area Transportation Funding

Proposition 26 flew under the radar of many California voters. With so many campaigns, measures, propositions, and candidates vying for our attention during this mid-term election year (Meg Whitman, Prop 19, Prop 23, Don Perata, local bond measures, city council elections, etc. etc. etc.), Proposition 26 just wasn't a marquee cause. But its implications are likely to be disproportionately massive. In a nutshell, the prop redefines standard-issue local and statewide fees as taxes that require 2/3 approval before they can be levied. This means a lot of things to a lot of different people, but before your eyes glaze over, consider the case of TransForm, a nonprofit organization based in Oakland that advocates for accessible and sustainable transportation infrastructure. Prop 26's passing puts the kibosh on a few of the org's primary sources of funding, seriously limiting its ability to design and advocate for public transportation, bikeways, and pedestrian access. Learn how it works, and more about Prop 26, in this week's Eco Watch.