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Two new stories on psychedelic science: OCD treatment with psilocybin for Project CBD & semantics of "psychedelic" vs "hallucinogen" for Pyschedelic Science Review

What a cool day: two stories on psychedelic science! The first, for Project CBD , covers three groundbreaking new studies into treating obsessive compulsive disorder with psilocybin and explores the question of the therapeutic value of the psychedelic trip. I interviewed three leading psychedelic researchers about their ongoing work, including David Nutt of Imperial College London, Francisco Moreno of the University of Arizona, and Benjamin Kelmendi of Yale University. I also spoke with comedian/performer Adam Strauss, whose show The Mushroom Cure about treating his own OCD with psychedelics has received rave reviews and been performed across the country. Read the story here . The second, for Psychedelic Science Review , is about semantics. In it I look at the two most commonly used terms to describe mind-altering, vision-inducing compounds: "psychedelic" and "hallucinogen." I evaluate their relative usage over time in different contexts, including recent trends, an

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