A Busy June, Pt 2: Cape Town travel piece

Back in February my family undertook an epic journey (epic considering the 45 or so hours in the air, all told, with two-year-old son in tow) to Cape Town for my sister's wedding. While the coming and going was hard, the staying was easy. We spent a full two weeks in Cape Town, which offered a great opportunity to soak up the vibe, see the sights, do the beaches, visit different neighborhoods, sample the cuisine and nightlife, and generally get a feel for the place. That combined with insights from my sister, who's been there a few years, and her new husband, a native South African (though not Capetonian), helped me put together this travel piece for Oakland magazine on the city. The California angle wasn't forced: I drew connections nearly everywhere we traveled in and around Cape Town. Indeed, South Africa's diverse metropolis is often compared to the Bay Area, but I sensed even more similarities to Los Angeles, including in the climate, size, geography, and culture of the city. Then you've got wineries, urban hiking trails, and dense older neighborhoods that seem to scream San Francisco. Read my full dispatch here.