SF Chron: Legislature Votes Down Plastic Bag Ban

For more on the local context of AB 1998, read my story on East Bay cities' efforts to enact plastic bag bans of their own. Most were waiting on this decision to proceed. Since the statewide ban has failed, it's likely local municipalities will now attempt to proceed with their own legislation: "The Plastic Bag Waiting Game."

Here's the news on the failure of AB 1998, in today's Chronicle:

Legislature votes down plastic bag ban

By Wyatt Buchanan, Chronicle Sacramento Bureau

Plastic bags will remain in grocery stores and unloaded handguns can still be brought into Starbucks, but from now on shoppers might know what kind of animal fur was used in their new coat.

The Legislature failed to approve bans on single-use plastic bags and the open carrying of guns as the two-year legislative session came to a close Tuesday night.