Lock Up, Kids

Another story on bike parking, this time looking at Berkeley company BikeLink, which manufactures shared electronic lockers that have now been installed in all but one of the East Bay's 30 BART stations. After it came out last week, I received a note from BikeLink founder and president Steven Grover noting that secure bike parking is no new fad, and that his company's primary innovation was to allow lockers to be shared (rather than dedicated to a single person) through the use of electronic controls and the associated BikeLink debit card. True enough. He also noted that, contrary to my story's implication, the lockers are not strictly for folks with nice bikes. Also true. However, I tend to be more interested in the social context of  bike parking, which is why I focused on a) the growing availability of secure bike storage in the Bay Area; and b) where, exactly, demand for secure bike parking is coming from. Learn a bit about both in my most recent story for the Express.