I Want to Help

I'm a freelancer and independent journalist. I work from home much of the week. But sometimes I want to collaborate. And, as a lifelong resident, I know the Bay Area is bursting with creative and innovative journalism and research projects pertaining to the environment, energy, ecology, and other science topics that don't necessarily begin with the letter 'e'.

Perhaps one of them is yours. If you're looking for help, or just another bright mind to bounce ideas off, drop me a line. I have significant writing, editing, and research experience. I work well with teams, have lots of ideas, and always deliver clean, quality content on time. I'm interested in and well abreast of a broad range of fields, especially in the greater Bay Area and Northern California -- water, energy, food systems, public lands, materials and solid waste, urban design, transportation, sustainability, and more. For anything that's new to me, I'm a very quick study. And I'm exceedingly down-to-earth and easygoing. In sum, I could be a valuable part of your project.

If you've got something brewing or seeking help on an established project, drop me a line at nate [dot] selt @ gmail.com. I want to hear from you.