Santana, Lesh, Johnston, Schon, Grisman, & Wasserman: Sons and Daughters of Marin's Rock Elite Carve Their Own Path

Time to talk music, as I am wont to do on a daily basis. I don't write about it nearly as often as I once did (which is to say always), but I still like to keep it in the rotation. For this feature in February's Marin magazine, I had a great time chatting with some of the sons and daughters of Marin's "rock elite" who are pursuing (or who are already enjoying) a music career of their own. The main takeaway for me was that no matter how many advantages they may or may not have received, they're far from set. The music industry has changed so much since the '60s and '70s that those old-school connections and skillsets may not be worth much. Meanwhile, being the child of a famous musician and trying to chart your own path in the industry presents certain challenges and expectations that your typical up-and-comer doesn't have to handle. A number of them even told me that they tried to avoid the music biz altogether, or that their parents advised against it -- but somehow they found themselves sucked into it. I guess what I'm trying to say is this isn't an open-and-shut case; there's a huge grey area between doomed and made, and these six musicians seem to know it well. Read more here; I hope you enjoy it.