Coastal Trail, Coastal Conservancy, and Coastal Act in the SF Chronicle

Yesterday I had TWO articles published, one in a magazine and one in a newspaper, that addressed the California Coastal Trail. Earlier today I posted the first.
And here's the second, an outgrowth of that work and additional research I did with colleagues Ariel Rubissow Okamoto (my editor at Estuary News) and writer Lisa Owens Viana last fall on the history of the 1976 Coastal Act and the State Coastal Conservancy. It's a nice little New Year's Day piece in the San Francisco Chronicle on the Conservancy, the Coastal Trail, and the 40th anniversary of the Coastal Act.
Ariel, Lisa, and I hope that a third (and much longer) piece co-authored by all three of us will appear in an environmental law journal later this year. Final acceptance is still pending. For now, read up on these two!


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