Three news articles in the September issue of Environmental Health Perspectives

Well then! Been waiting a while for a number of my Environmental Health Perspectives articles on recent/upcoming studies to run (timing is related to publication of the actual study, which is often hard to pin down) and today I learn that THREE just hit the 'net ALL AT ONCE.
I'm proud of them all, and of my continued reporting on research in this critical and often poorly understood field.
They are:
1) "Inequality of Noise Exposures: A Portrait of the United States," on a study offering evidence that environmental noise exposure, associated with a host of potential health effects, is unevenly distributed across cities and landscapes and—like many environmental hazards—tends to disproportionately affect lower-income and nonwhite individuals.
2) "From Ambient to Personal Temperature: Capturing the Experience of Heat Exposure," on a commentary proposing and outlining new approaches in heat-exposure research.
3) "Estimated Deficiencies Resulting from Reduced Protein Content of Staple Foods: Taking the Cream out of the Crop?," on a study quantifying how much rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere are likely to reduce the protein content of a large number of staple crops worldwide (based on rates observed in previous experimental studies), and how that would affect global nutrition more holistically.


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