Coverage of 2018 Bay-Delta Science Conference

Sometimes I post an article the day it's published. Other times it takes me weeks. But darned if they don't all make it up here eventually. Last September (five months ago for those keeping track), I along with two other Estuary News contributors attended a full day of talks at the 2018 Bay-Delta Science Conference in Sacramento. Each of us took notes on everything we heard, then decided together which sessions to cover in bite-size bits for a special "issue" of Estuary's PEARLS online news roundup. I contributed a total of seven pieces on a range of topics included drought resilience of Delta fishes; invasive aquatic plants; floodplain habitat restoration; and living shorelines. Here's the full set of stories, grouped thematically around invasive species, habitat and restoration, and climate change and water quality. To find mine, just search for " NS".