Estuary News items on Delta salinity barrier and profiles of recently retired researchers

A few short stories -- or, in Estuary News parlance, PEARLS -- from the last couple months:

1) Study of environmental effects of emergency Delta salinity barrier installed during summer 2015 to prevent saltwater intrusion into state water supply:

2) Profile of retired Delta scientist Dennis McEwan (Department of Water Resources):
Dennis McEwan finished work on the 430-acre Yolo Flyway Farms Tidal Habitat Restoration Project in September 2018. A month later, he retired. ...

3) Profile of retired Delta scientist Robert Fujimura (Department of Fish and Wildlife):
Bob Fujimura spent his entire career with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. From 1987 until his retirement in late 2018, Fujimura served in a variety of roles at the department—but he is likely best known for heading up its long-term monitoring of native fishes in the Bay and Delta. ...