The Sequestration Solution: Whendee Silver’s research shows that compost doesn’t just benefit farmers — it captures carbon

Here's my latest feature for Breakthroughs magazine:

Guido Frosini reaches down and wraps his fingers around a clump of orchard grass. He tugs at the foot-tall stalks, snapping them a few inches from the surface and leaving a tidy clump of green stubble. He’s not trying to kill the plant. Rather, Frosini is demonstrating how his cows—currently dining elsewhere—benefit the pasture by grazing it under careful management. 

Though not technically a native variety, perennial orchard grass is a welcome sight on this hundred-acre patch of rural West Marin known as True Grass Farms. Cows love the nutritious plant but, more important, it’s also a clear sign that Frosini’s soil is getting healthier. For that, he owes a small debt of gratitude to Whendee Silver.

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