Two items in Sonoma Magazine: Where to hike this year and where to see steelhead this winter

I have two articles in the January issue of Sonoma that were a blast to research and write. They're both short and sweet and to the point, which is how I like to roll these days.

First: Hikes of the Year, the very first article in the front of the book and spread over two full-color pages. Really proud of this one because it combines my love of the outdoors with my knowledge of local parks gained from years of trail running all over Sonoma with my penchant for concise writing. 

Second: Steel Yourself, a short article a few pages away covering the steelhead run of the Russian River watershed and opportunities to see the fish this year, with the annual Steelhead Festival up at the Lake Sonoma hatchery cancelled again (on account of COVID) and the ladder there also still off-limits to the public.


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