Latest feature for EHP: Annoying environmental odors, cannabis, Pittsburgh power plants, and more

Wow, it's now been ten years since I first started covering environmental health research and issues for the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. Over the past decade I have covered a very wide range of topics for the journal, but one that I've been able to return to again and again (with more on the horizon) is cannabis, due both to my personal interest in this area and to the fact that it's a rich area to explore from the environmental health perspective (see what I did there?).  

My latest feature for the journal, published today, addresses the potential stress- and annoyance-mediated health effects of environmental odors more broadly, and cannabis odors in particular. As the cannabis industry has legalized and expanded, it has had to confront odors directly, and in many cases proactively.

As I write in the intro, "Perhaps in a bid to gain acceptance for this newly legalized and sometimes controversial crop, growers and regulators are embracing new attitudes and contributing new insights into how unwelcome or offensive odors may cause harm, including to some of our most vulnerable citizens." Read the full story here.