Two New in Project CBD: CBD works for anxiety; CBG the next big thing?

Been continuing to write more or less every other week for Project CBD. Here are my last two articles.  

For 11/8, I wrote about a few recent studies looking at CBD's ability to treat anxiety, highlighting one trial in particular where frontline healthcare workers in Brazil during the pandemic used CBD and received benefits for anxiety and work burnout. 

For 11/30, I wrote a piece with a little more reporting than typical of these columns (interviewed three sources) looking at CBG as a highly promising yet still relatively little-known cannabinoid. It works at a lower dose than CBD and may be even more effective at treating pain and anxiety. While research on CBG's effects in humans is scant, a recent survey suggests patients are finding it very helpful for a wide range of conditions. And one physician I spoke with is also using it to treat some autism symptoms in children.