What Are Extracellular Vesicles and Why Are Environmental Health Researchers Excited About Them?

One thing I enjoy about covering environmental health research is that the field encompasses many different disciplines in which I have no formal training or academic background -- areas including cellular biology, neuroscience, atmospheric chemistry, and more. Every time I cover a study based in one of these disciplines I get an opportunity to learn a little more science and to add to my knowledge base. Being a science journalist, particularly in a broad and widely applicable field like environmental health, means being a lifelong learner. This is what keeps me intrigued and engaged after more than a decade covering environmental determinants of human health. And my latest Science Selection for Environmental Health Perspectives is no exception, addressing applications of extracellular vesicle science and research within environmental health. Find my story here, and take a peek at the original paper I covered here, and I'm sure you'll learn interesting something, too.


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