A Busy June, Pt 1: Music and Geology in Marin Magazine

While I was slaving over articles the last two weeks that will appear in forthcoming issues of Environmental Health Perspectives, Estuary News, San Francisco Examiner, Haas NewsWire, and Berkeley Engineer, finishing touches were being put on stories I'd written earlier in the year for the June issues of Marin magazine, Oakland magazine, and Environmental Health Perspectives. Suffice to say, it's been a busy few months since the big trip to Cape Town (read all about it in Oakland mag). And heck, things were busy before that, too.

Part one of the recap includes two stories that ran in the June issue of Marin: a beautiful, hopefully enjoyable and educational piece (I know I learned a lot in reporting it) on the geologic highlights of Marin that freelance photographer Joseph Schell and I undertook together; and an interesting Q&A with accomplished Marin-based music producer Narada Michael Walden, who has collaborated with the likes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Carlos Santana, and many more. Give it a read; he's a far-out dude.

Of note, this issue also included the 10th-anniversary retrospective. I've been writing for Marin for nearly five years now, and the retrospective references a number of my previous features, including "Smart Meters, Dumb Idea," about resistance in Marin to PG&E's new wireless SmartMeters; "Quest for Zero," about one Marin resident's drive to build a large, luxurious, net-zero-energy home in Mill Valley; "My Generation," about the kids of Marin rock legends like Carlos Santana, Phil Lesh, and Tom Johnston (Doobie Brothers) who followed their famous parents into the music biz; "Up in Smoke," about the backlash against medical marijuana in liberal, if NIMBYish, Marin County; and, finally, a pair articles on Grateful Dead guitarist Bob Weir's San Rafael studio Tamalpais Research Institute and GD bassist Phil Lesh's San Rafael venue/restaurant Terrapin Crossroads (I met them both!).


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