Journalism fellowship on climate change inspires real estate columns on St. Louis

Last month I was one of 25 or so journalists selected nationwide to attend a fellowship on climate change and the news sponsored by the Metcalf Institute at the National Adaptation Forum in St. Louis. Over the course of three days I absorbed some great information, identified a number of promising story ideas, and found some helpful new sources.

But that's not all. I also was inspired by my trip to write about St. Louis in my next two real estate columns for the San Francisco Examiner. Something about the city moved me. Today I heard from my wife that one of her co-workers in San Francisco read my column and was similarly inspired by St. Louis, to the point that she joked (we think) she wanted to move there.

They're not about science or the environment, and only tangentially about real estate. What I was trying to convey was the importance of perspective, and the poison of the particular brands of provincialism and exceptionalism that are pervasive in parts of the Bay Area, especially within the San Francisco real estate industry.

Here's the first one, which ran 5/24, and the second one, which ran on 5/31.


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