Estuary News March Issue: Sewers, Sturgeon, and More

For the March issue of Estuary News I wrote a story on the construction of a new sewer system in the Santa Rosa neighborhood of Larkfield after it was leveled by the Tubbs Fire in 2017. Residents were previously limited to septic, which was problematic due to the neighborhood's relatively high density and concerns that sewage supposed to be confined to backyard leach fields could escape and pose threats to human health and a nearby creek. The new system, constructed prior to and alongside reconstruction of more than 150 burned homes, not only eliminates these concerns but also feeds into a broader system of recycled water for use in irrigation. 

Online, I also wrote about sturgeon habitat use in the Delta and covered a few presentations at the Bay-Delta Science Conference in early April. 

And I co-edited/copyedited every story in the print magazine.


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