What's in your gummy? Cannabis contaminant regulations still uneven and inadequate

I've been writing about cannabis contaminants and their regulation in legal markets for years now, for a variety of outlets, and on Friday my latest story on the subject came out in Environmental Health Perspectives. It covers a new paper in EHP that takes a close look at state-level regulations, the extent to which they agree or differ, and how well they are (or, more often, are not) protecting public health -- particularly for more vulnerable users of medical cannabis. 

Here's an interesting twist: the paper's senior author, Maxwell Leung (an assistant professor of pharmacology and toxicology at Arizona State University), told me that he was inspired to pursue this avenue of research after reading my first two features on cannabis contaminants, published in EHP in 2019. 

Three years later he's publishing his own study on the topic, and I'm covering it for EHP. How's that for full circle? Pretty cool eh? Find my story, "What's In Your Gummy," right here.